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VRC delivers comprehensive OEM fluid movement solutions,
manufacturing services, and product and process improvement.

- EMD Diesel Locomotive Water Pump


Full service manufacturing with specialization in fluid movement.

VRC is an OEM supplier/manufacturer of machined parts and assemblies including 645/710 diesel locomotive water pumps, engine components and complex housings for a wide range of industrial and military applications. Over the years, VRC has manufactured countless other different parts and assemblies such as rocker arms, gears, spherical bearings, drive shafts, military hydraulic track adjusters and smoke grenade launchers, to name a few. All the parts we produce meet the demanding requirements of our customers.

Our additional services such as prototyping, painting, material procurement and stocking programs enables us to provide full outsourcing for our customers resulting in significant cost reduction, improved product design, and rapid turnaround.  Outsource with VRC  

VRC Specializes in the Manufacturing and Remanufacturing of:

  • EMD Diesel Locomotive Pumps, Parts and Assemblies
  • RB/LB Water Pumps
  • 645/710 Water Pumps
  • 645/710 Engine Components
  • Military Components and Assemblies
Worldwide Service, Local Expertise You can count on VRC to meet and exceed your expectations of a genuine OEM supplier.

Precision Machining

Consistently producing industry leading precision machined parts and complex assemblies.

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We have established VRC as the go-to location for the remanufacturing of pumps and assemblies.

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Equipped with custom-built testing equipment that simulates real-world use.

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Product and Process Improvement Experts VRC specializes in difficult, tight-tolerance work that others shy away from.

We take the jobs that other shops can't handle and turn them into repeating production workflows, often with significant cost reduction. Our team not only specializes in solving unique machining challenges, but also in the development of improved designs and manufacturing processes.

Product Showcase VRC pioneered the development of the most reliable EMD Diesel Locomotive Water Pump.

Features a proven 5+ year field-tested life cycle and the longest product warranty in the industry. Contact us to learn about our other aftermarket options.

VRC OEM Extended Life Diesel Locomotive Water Pump


Our team of experts will be a priceless asset for your company.

Welcome to VRC, your primary source for precision machining services. Our team is dedicated to serving your company with the very best service and expertise our customers have relied upon for over 65 years. We've helped a wide range of industry leading companies accomplish their goals by providing industry leading machining services ourselves. Our facility is set up to perform large runs of complex assemblies enabling us to offer competitive prices without sacrificing quality. Our experience as the OEM supplier/manufacturer for companies and military applications uniquely positions us to provide higher quality products, continually improve our designs, develop more efficient processes and pass those benefits along to you.

Family Owned and Operated in Northeast Ohio VRC is the competitive advantage our customers rely on for their success.

Our work is a reflection of us.

We're proud of the strong relationships we've built with our customers and suppliers. We believe that our work is a direct reflection of who we are as a team and as individuals. Exceptional customer service and pride in our work will always be integral to our ongoing success.

Honest work at a competitive price should go without saying. Our company wholly adopts the 'Made in the USA' mentality. To us, it represents the American tradition of industrial ingenuity, purposeful work and higher quality products.

OEM Supplier/Manufacturer
65+ Years in Business
60,000+ Square Foot Facility
ISO Quality Standards

Let us put our expertise to work for you.

We've fostered a positive working environment that gets us excited to find the solutions to the challenges brought through our door. Our team is comprised of natural problem solvers who excel at thinking outside of the box. We're confident you'll be impressed with our capabilities, creative solutions and dedication to our customer satisfaction.

We're excited to hear about your company and how our expertise can help you reach your goals. Give us a call and hear how much our team cares about being a part of your business model.


Wide range of services and modern precision machining capabilities.

Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to maximize our efficiency and expand our services. Each new modern piece of equipment we invest in ignites the passion of our team, fueling the drive to take advantage of it's capabilities. Our full-service facility can handle the entire manufacturing process and our long-term support/warranty programs sets us apart from our competitors.

VRC's Professional Machining Services Include:

  • CNC Milling (+/- 0.0002" up to 40")
  • CNC Turning (+/- 0.0002" up to 28")
  • Hyrdaulic Pressing (150 tons)
  • Drilling & Tapping (Multiple Spindles)
  • Plating
  • Broaching (70" horizontal stroke)
  • Sawing (Automatic Feed)
  • Balancing (40" x 50lbs)
  • Welding & Fabrication
  • Boring
  • Precision Grinding (Light Band Tolerances)
  • Painting

Turn-Key Manufacturing

We handle the entire manufacturing process including material procurement, assembly, painting, and more. We've installed the latest CNC technology and machines to provide you with efficient and economically produced products resulting in a clear competitive advantage.


Complete engineering services are available to assist with design, application, fixturing and tooling. We've demonstrated to our customers our product and process improvement expertise.


We provide complete prototyping services. Our dedicated facility offers multi-component assembly, testing, and verification to ensure that your company heads into the manufacturing stage with safety and confidence.

Long-term Support

We maintains inventory quantities and varieties to enable us to respond timely to your requirements. We stand behind our products with some of the longest warranty programs available in our industry.


Industry leader in rebuilt pumps and components.

VRC has established itself as the industry leader in the remanufacturing of pumps and components. We are equipped with machinery specialized for the job and have a complete remanufacturing pipeline streamlined to economically transform the original assembly into one that's like new or better! This results in significant time and cost savings for our customers.




Custom-built water pump test facility.

Our comprehensive testing facility uniquely positions us to verify product conformance through vigorous test cycles and equip our customers with the confidence that their system will perform in the field where it counts. Our custom-built test cell also serves as a research tool providing valuable information to our team for the development of new pump designs and enhancements.

Water Pump Test Cell Specifications:

  • Multi-Station: 50HP & 75HP
  • Tank Capacity: 3,500 Gallons
  • Max Temperature: 140°F
  • Flow Rate: 400-1,300 GPM (per Pump Design)
  • Max Suction Pressure: 15 PSI
  • Max Discharge Pressure: 150 PSI
  • Max Differential Pressure: 150 PSI
  • Digital Temperature Control System
  • Water Filtration System (8.4 - 8.8 pH)


Decades of experience in the sectors we've served.

We've developed a strong knowledge base serving our customers in a variety of industries. Each sector presents their own specific needs and requirements. Our experience aids us in producing pumps, complex assemblies and individual components that are tailored to the needs of the industries we serve.




Power Generation

Performance Products



Cut costs without giving up control.

With VRC as your outsource for precision machining, assembly and value-added services, you'll reduce costs while still maintaining control over the work. We can serve as your product and process improvement experts or fill in as your machining and manufacturing department during long-term production runs.

Outsourcing enables you to deliver your products on-time and on-budget without overextending your resources. Here are just a few of the many advantages of outsourcing with VRC.

Better control over fixed costs

You'll know exactly what your production run costs up-front. There's no need to worry about changes to your fixed costs.

Greater return on investment

Leverage VRC's expertise and resources as a manufacturing partner so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Reduced capital investment

There's no need to buy additional expensive equipment for production runs. Whether they're short- or long-term projects, use VRC's resources.

Reduced transportation costs

Raw materials are heavy, bulky and expensive to transport. Machining early in the process reduces weight, thus reducing costs.

Reduced material and inventory costs

In-house manufacturing and assembly requires carrying inventory of materials. It ties up resources such as machinery, floor space and working capital; resources that could be used more effectively elsewhere.

Reduced overhead

Outsourcing with VRC enables you to reduce your overhead without a change in sales volume. Overhead includes raw materials, machine purchases, floor space, inspection, supervision, maintenance, insurance, depreciation, taxes, etc. Time and effort normally spent on overhead can be allocated to more productive areas, such as design, research and marketing.

Specialization advantage

Regain focus on your own areas of expertise by offloading your more specialized machining, manufacturing, and assembly responsibilities to VRC.

Strategic advantages

Outsourcing with VRC allows your management team to focus on the strategic parts of your business.

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